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The Secret to Improving Your Home Protection Plan’s Retention Rate

Residential Home - shutterstock_14833948 (640x426)Believe it or not, Americans don’t like to complain.  According to the Research Institute of America only 4 percent of unhappy customers bother to complain.  If your Home Protection Plan retention rate is slipping, consider these two possible causes and read on for the real secret behind keeping these annual customers on the books:
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5 Ways Glueboards Enhance Offerings


Monitoring for Money in Residential Accounts

Glueboards are an important part of any ongoing service plan.  When properly placed, glueboards can help a pest professional see exactly what type of pest activity is taking place in their customer’s home.  In turn, he can use targeted treatments for the pest problem at hand helping him to follow Integrated Pest Management practices.
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Stand out from the crowd

Differentiate Your Pest Services through Green Offerings


Green, environmentally-friendly, eco-friendly, organic, non-toxic and IPM are all buzzwords that consumers love these days.  Are you currently offering services to your customer base that prefers “green” choices?  Have you found a way to truly differentiate yourself and your services from other local pest companies?  Or, perhaps you considered green services as an opportunity but you are not quite sure how to fully embrace this type of service offering?
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Welcome to the Catchmaster Pro blog for Pest Management Professionals!  We are proud to offer this online portal for our customers.  The Mission for our blog is to serve as an extension of our website to discuss topics and ideas as they relate to our product line.  We hope that you will become a part of the conversation through the comments section of our blog.  Our blog’s Mission is to:
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