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Creating an Effective, Profitable Stink Bug Program with Immediate Results


Well the predictions were wrong and the invasive pest from Asia, the stink bug, did not freeze to death during this past winter’s polar vortex. We bet you have mixed feelings about that! We understand just how frustrating stink bug work can be for a pest professional. You communicate time and again how important a timely outdoor spray is to control indoor stink bug populations and yet nobody seems to hear you. Homeowners don’t seem to pick up the phone until stink bugs are falling off of their ceilings and onto their dinner tables in the spring. Then they call you to treat the problem and you have to sell them a program that they probably won’t see the benefits of until next spring when they see less stink bugs inside of their home. It’s just not an easy sell and many pest professionals have felt that their hands were tied with treatment options to put to use inside of homes for stink bugs.

Now you can stop selling a treatment program that your home or business owners won’t see the benefits of until the following season. You can complement your current program with a couple of indoor products that will help you achieve immediate results. The Catchmaster® GLOstik™ combo can be used in the attics or top floors of your client’s structure, place them on the south and west sides, which is where stink bugs are known to enter. One of the most exciting features of the GLOstik™ is you can use it in areas where there is no outlet! The light attracts stink bugs to the trap and the glue ensures that they stay there for good.

You can also offer control for stink bugs that are already in the living areas of your client’s homes! Our SilenTrap™ Flying Insect Trap is small light and decorative enough to be used within a room where stink bugs are present. The light can be simply placed on a tabletop or even hung in the room if space allows. There is no annoying zap sounds or an unhygienic mess like that found with other traps on the market. The SilenTrap™ is perfect for indoor use in a residential or business setting.

Now you CAN offer indoor stink bug control for those active infestations inside of homes and businesses with these two innovative products. What makes them even better is your clients will love that they catch not only stink bugs but other flying insects as well! Learn more about the Catchmaster® GLOstick™ and SilenTrap™, visit us online today.


Creating an Effective and Profitable Bed Bug Business

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Bed bugs, they’re in the news daily. Homeowners, apartment dwellers, landlords, hotel general managers, it seems just about everyone has questions and concerns about bed bugs these days. Perhaps you get a few bed bug calls but are you wondering how you can really make your bed bug business soar this year?

As you already know, detecting a bed bug infestation early is the key to quickly and successfully controlling this difficult to treat pest. The problem is, most times, you are called in only after an infestation is wide spread, making the treatment long and difficult. So how do you reach your current customers and attract new ones to take your bed bug business to new heights?

The following strategies will help to attract new customers to your pest management business and detect bed bugs early on in your existing accounts:

  1. Become a Bed Bug Expert. Awareness of bed bugs is high among homeowners, travelers, apartment dwellers, landlords and even business owners. However, true understanding of what bed bugs look like, how a home or business owner can protect oneself and the importance of early detection is not so well known. Educate every customer you have about the importance of monitoring and early detection when it comes to bed bugs. Utilize a blog, social media and email marketing to attract new clients to your business. By offering online education about bed bugs you are building a relationship with a potential client, they begin to see you as an authority. This trust moves them along in the sales process and keeps you top of mind when they decide to call in a professional. Consider using an informational piece like this Monitoring Infographic that educates folks on the importance of Monitoring for Bed Bugs.

2. Offer Bed Bug Detection Services. Consider offering detection services to those clients who  fall into the high-risk category such as: those living in multi-unit housing, frequent travelers,    anyone with a previous bed bug infestation, households with children who attend boarding        schools or sleep away at college and then return home or anyone who has concerns over a          bed bug infestation. Monitoring for bed bugs in the same way you monitor a quarterly account        for common household pests will allow you to uncover a bed bug problem early and offer quick      control.

Make this the year that you take your bed bug business to new heights. Incorporate education into your marketing strategy to attract new business and promote a bed bug detection service offering to uncover infestations early with your current clients. Awareness and concern about bed bugs is stronger than ever, ensure that your business is well-positioned to attract new customers and offer them services that they find useful.

Why Everyone Should Be Monitoring for Bed Bugs

Download this Infographic and Share with your Customers

Monitoring for Bed Bugs

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