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14 Problems Only A Pest Professional Would Understand

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it! In fact someone has probably always had to do it. Some pests existed long before man first set foot on the planet. They thrive in our environment, feeding off our waste and finding shelter in our homes.

As a pest professional, you’re already well aware of what it takes to get the job done; you’ve got the knowledge, the training and the equipment to keep the vermin at bay. So you know that some clients can be as difficult to manage as the pests.

The public can be a strange bunch. Sometimes it’s a wonder anyone chooses to work in a public-facing role, yet here you are, smile on your face and tools in hand, ready to rid them of any unwanted guests and return peace and harmony back into the home.

And so, here’s to you pest professionals, problems only you would understand…

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1. The client says, “We only have one mouse.”


You can tell just by looking at the piles of dishes in the sink, the food left on the counter and the mass of mice droppings at the back of the kitchen cupboard: There is more than one mouse!

2. You go out for a meal and find yourself surveying the restaurant for signs of pest activity prior to ordering. 


The average person will never know what goes on behind the scenes in a restaurant. And thank goodness for that, the restaurant business would never be the same.  Eat at home forever? Or push to the thoughts to the back of your mind and soldier on?

3. The voice at the other end of the phone expects free advice on a pest related issue, but won’t commit to booking an appointment or using your services. 


Yes, they think you have no idea they’re going to try and solve the problem, on their own, using your knowledge. Well played, Mr. Homeowner, well played.

4. Homeowner doubts your findings, “We can’t have fleas! Our house is too clean!”


No one wants to admit their home is infested, or worse yet, that it may be their fault.  We’re not surprised when a homeowner feels insulted when we break the news of an infestation. Don’t kill the messenger!

5. You indirectly become a marriage counselor. 


You are first to admit, you’re no Dr. Phil! So when the conversation moves to whose fault it is that they have a pest problem, you know just what to do … GET OUTTA DODGE!

 6. You know a DIY’er when you see one!


He greets you at the door with bites, bandages or advice of what not to do to control his infestation. You slightly grin and certainly don’t ask. Hey, you’re a DIY weekend warrior yourself at times.

7. You’re met with disappointed faces at the mention of a repeat visit.  


Hey, you’re no Superhero, no matter what they say. But completely eliminate bed bugs in just one visit? That’s just not realistic.

8. You’re asked if you can humanely release the mice outside. 


You applaud their sensitivity for the little critters. But rodents pose a slew of health and even fire hazards and WILL make their way back into the home if released.

9. You’re instructed to come in an ‘unmarkedvan. 


What is this? Are we planning a bank heist? No, they just don’t want the neighbors to know they have a pest problem. It’s an everyday struggle to change the way people look at pest management. It truly is a sign of a clean, well-kept home!

10. The Homeowner wants you out there NOW! There’s a mouse in the house! 


It’s Saturday night at 11:20pm and the phone rings. How do you explain to the homeowner that a mouse sighting is not a Saturday night emergency visit??

11. Homeowner wants to negotiate. 


It seems that no one wants to pay for anything these days. But many homeowners don’t realize the overhead, insurance, salaries and more that you have to account for in your business. In fact, you’re beginning to think your services are actually a bargain!

12. Your friends are always looking for advice. 


There’s one person at every social outing and family function taking you aside and asking you ‘how do I handle the (fill in the blank) infestation in my house’.  We feel your pain.

13. You have a laundry list of nicknames like Bug Man, The exTerminator, Bug Killer and more. 


Little does everyone know that your job goes well beyond bugs. You also specialize in accounting, marketing, sales, social media, finance, logistics, fleet management, people management, software management, inventory management, entomology, chemistry AND more!

14. We really are nothing like our reality TV show counterparts. 


‘Billy the Exterminator’ is fun to watch but it’s not exactly how your average pest professional spends their day. There’s a reason why these guys are on TV.


While there are many day to day problems encountered by a pest management professional we truly admire those who work in the industry. So, here’s to all of the professionals out there that manage pest infestations daily to protect the health and property of their customers. We salute you!



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