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Marketing Rodent Services in the Digital World

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Its that time of year where you are likely getting a lot of calls for rodent jobs. Or perhaps you are not but eager to bring in as many rodent control jobs as you can get. The following list of tips and tactics will help you to maximize your rodent control leads in this new digital marketing world. By implementing a few changes to your marketing you can make the phone ring and even help to grow your business in general this winter and in the year ahead.

Plan Ahead. Putting together an annual calendar of pest services and outlining your tactics to market each service ahead of time will get you on the road to success. While it takes some time to plan up front it will certainly be worth the effort when you save time and money during your busiest times of the year.

Stay in Touch. Stay in touch with customers through an eNewsletter and regular promotional eBlasts that highlight your services. Perhaps Mrs. Jones struggles with mice in her house every year. Time your touches properly and that email reminder that you offer preventative exclusion services could turn into a sale.

Get in on the Conversation. Social Media is an excellent source for leads these days. Female heads of households are one of the biggest users of websites like Facebook and often the decision maker when it comes to household purchases. Stay in touch with current and potential customers by sharing intriguing infographics like our 10 Common Entry Points for Rodents to Enter Your Home this Fall, tips and tricks for pest-free living and local news articles on pests in their area.

Incentivize Your Sales Reps. If you offer ancillary services you can offer commission to your sales reps for upselling customers on exclusion work, post-treatment rodent clean-up or upgrading to an annual contract instead of just buying that one-time rodent control service. Rewarding reps for each email address that they capture while on a job is another great way to build your list and your potential sales. A little friendly competition amongst your technicians in the form of a contest can lead to an uptick in sales.

Leave Them Reminders of Your Business. Private Labeling your glue boards and traps that you leave in their home is a great way to keep your company’s name top of mind. If you perform a one-time service and Mrs. Jones later finds evidence of another pest problem your name on your monitors could be that single reminder to call you versus your competition.

Put Client’s Minds at Ease. Have you ever been asked questions about the glue boards and traps you leave behind? It’s a common homeowner concern. Are they treated with pesticides? What if my pet becomes stuck to it? What purpose do they serve? Consider following up with an email to clients whose home you treat or printing and leaving your clients with our Monitoring for Pests sell sheet after you perform a rodent job in a home or lay down fresh glue boards and traps in your quarterly service client’s homes.

Monitor and Measure. Are you throwing advertising dollars at different forms of media unsure of what you are really getting out of it? Stop right there! Keep track of each and every marketing tactic that you utilize. Set up separate tracking phone numbers for each and track the number of leads that come in. Use a spreadsheet that you update monthly and it will serve as a guide for you to spend wisely the following year.

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