Company History

We are proud of our history dating back to the early 1950s.  Atlantic Paste & Glue has always been a Brooklyn, NY based company.  We are proud that we now distribute to over 70 countries and continue to grow.



1952 – Moses Frisch, an immigrant chemist from Hungary, founded Atlantic Paste and Glue manufacturing specialty adhesives, coatings, textile bondings, envelope and packing adhesives, and flexographic inks in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

1960 – Facility moved to Sunset Park, BK with AP&G’s expansion. This building remains our current glue manufacturing facility.

1972 – Steve Frisch, future & current President & CEO, joins his father Moses Frisch at Atlantic Paste & Glue

1970’s – Introduction of wallpaper paste production


1977 – Introduction of the Catchmaster® brand and production of bulk glue for pest management applications

1982 – The first Catchmaster® glue traps were produced. (#102/#104 style glue tray)

1983 – Focus on products for the Pest Management Industry began after the success of the Catchmaster

1984 – Introduction of Catchmaster® glue boards (#72MB Series glue boards)

1984 – Atlantic Past and Glue expands to larger manufacturing facilities with the purchase of its first, high-volume production machinery

1984 – Introduction of Catchmaster® Insect Monitors and Traps and insect glue formulas

1985 – Introduction of the Catchmaster® Gold Stick™ fly traps and flying insect glue formulas

1988 – First international customer

1991 – Atlantic Paste and Glue expands the Catchmaster® fly product line to include flylights and replacement glue boards

1995 – Continual expansion requires Atlantic Paste and Glue to acquire more production property

1999 – Introduction of Catchmaster® mechanical rodent traps

1999 – Atlantic Paste and Glue increases production capabilities and relocates to the current office and manufacturing facility to 170-53rd St., Brooklyn, NY170_53rd_St

2000 – Atlantic Paste and Glue becomes AP&G Co., Inc.

2010 – AP&G introduces BBEDS™ and  BDS™ brands with the addition of bedbug adhesives, traps and monitors

2011 – The GLOstik™ and SilenTrap™ Flying Insect Traps are created and added to the Catchmaster® product line

2014 – The introduction of digitally customized private label glue boards

2016 – AP&G Co., Inc. relocates to 75 E 2nd St., Bayonne, NJ to further enhance production efficiencies and expansion

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