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An all-American success story

For some, the link between business and charity is an invisible one, as they are seemingly two completely opposite worlds. Thankfully though, there are others who recognize the positive work that businesses can do to support the community, through both financial gifts, a donation of time and one’s knowledge and assistance with raising awareness of issues. One of these men is Arthur Katz, the owner of New York’s Knockout Pest Control.

The company is an all-American success story, founded in 1975 and continually growing since. Katz was the man to start this business, and still sits at its helm today, proudly assisting New York residents and commercial properties with their pest problems, from bedbugs to bedbugs, and from cockroaches to rodents.

As with most businesses, Knockout Pest Control has humble roots, having started as a small local business in the mid-1970s. A combination of skill and hard work ensured that its reputation quickly spread throughout the state though, bringing opportunities for rapid expansion and more work. Over 40 years after its inception, it now covers the New York Metropolitan area, while still living their mission: “we respond like every call is an emergency.”

Katz’ dedication to his business was recognized in 2013, when the Nassau Council Chamber of Commerce, honored him with an award at the Small Businessperson of the Year Awards.

The growth of the business has not simply been fueled by eradicating pests. Katz has been an innovator in the field as well. , . His company is one of just 135 of the 17,000 pest management companies nationwide to become Quality Green Pro Certified by the National Pest Management Association.

This dedication to the natural world is particularly evident in the company’s philanthropic efforts, which have seen money and gifts given to a number of highly worthwhile organizations. The list of charities and organizations receiving help from Knockout is far too long to mention here, however perhaps the most notable donation came when the company donated a staggering $20,000 of service to Nassau County’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Museums, in order to help them fight termites in the area.

When Hurricane Sandy decimated the New York area, Knockout Pest Control was also there to help, donating huge amounts of time and money to the restoration of the area. They recognized that pests could be a huge problem is the chaos following the hurricane, and quickly moved to help those most affected.

Free pest management services worth around $100,000 was offered to the residents of Long Beach to help them in their time of need, with Katz stating that they are “proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow Long Island residents.”


The company’s help for those affected by Sandy didn’t stop there though, as Katz also moved to ensure that Clark Botanical Garden was able to repair at least some of the damage caused. They pledged to match any donations received under the Project 40 initiative, meaning that they eventually presented a check worth $2,500, which helped to replant forty trees destroyed by the hurricane. Katz’ words perfectly summed up why they’d made the donation: “We live here and work here and care what happens to the area.”

It’s not just environmental and natural charities the company supports though, as they have also been heavily involved with working with children in the area.

This commitment to bettering the community for its youngest residents earned Katz an award at the Long Island Outstanding Advocate for Children and Youth Awards Reception Benefit, which he gladly accepted in 2011. This award was given by the John J. Byrne Community Center, which works to help improve the quality of family life in the area.

A desire to help families was also behind Katz’ support of the Long Island Fight for Charity, an event that saw local residents go through intense training, before then stepping into the ring and competing in a boxing match. The money raised helped families in need throughout the area, and Knockout sponsored one of the contestants, the President of the charity Moms Who Kick. The fact that the company’s logo is a boxing glove meant that they simply had to support this worthwhile cause!

Families aren’t the only group of people who have benefited from Katz’ philanthropy though, as he also strives to support veterans who have fallen on hard times. He stated that “homeless veterans are sometimes called our ‘forgotten heroes’ but that will never be true with us.” To back up his words, he then provided a year of free pest control services to Liberty Village in Amityville, which is a place that provides housing to homeless veterans.

But why does Katz persist in making such generous charitable donations to organizations in the area? The answer is a two-pronged one. First, and more importantly, he simply wants to help the area he lives in, and do what is right for people who are struggling. As an added bonus, he has found that when he gives selflessly the business comes back to him.

Of course, Katz is still a tough businessman though, and one who strives to ensure that his company is always growing and making money. If he didn’t do this, how could he possibly be able to provide the jobs he manages to give, and keep providing gifts to those who need them?

Here at AP&G we believe that Arthur Katz and Knockout Pest Control are a true inspiration to business owners throughout the country to do their part and help the community. Arthur Katz is in our eyes more than just a pest professional. He is a Community Activist, an Eco-Warrior, a Neighbor Extraordinaire and 24/7 Pest Slayer.

Perhaps the final word should go to Mr. Katz though, who offers this advice to future generations of pest professionals:

Make giving back a part of your personal mission statement. The community will reward you and your business will grow.

Wiser words have rarely been spoken by a businessman, anywhere in the country.

For more information about Knock Out Pest Control Inc., visit www.knockoutpest.com

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