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When Billy Schubert broke his leg while away at school on a baseball scholarship he could have looked at it as a setback. Instead, he turned it into an opportunity that placed him exactly where he was meant to be in his life. For this unfortunate set of circumstances opened the door to his pest control career beginning with his first job with Orkin in 1986.

After many years as an Orkin technician, Schubert left after he started a family. He took a job in pest control sales to afford him more time to spend with his children. The job went really well. The confidence he gained on this new end of the business confirmed in his mind that he was ready to own his own company. With three small children at the time, the Schuberts put their house up to buy a small pest management company of their own. Together they grew their company into what is now known as Action Pest Control. Action Pest Control is a family affair which now runs 15 trucks throughout Mississippi and Tennessee.

What is Schubert’s key to success in pest management?

He encourages his technicians to be a part of their customer’s family. The Schuberts believe in cultivating a culture so that their employees enjoy their work. Some of their employees are the third generation of family members to work with Action Pest Control. “Creating a great environment for your own employees leads to longevity with us,” Schubert says. “You also have to make sure they can support their families. We also empower them to do good for their customers when they are at their account.”

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The name Action Pest Control seems very appropriate for this businessman. Throughout his life, he has always had the courage to take action when it is needed. From going into business for himself, venturing into a new marketplace and helping those in the community in need, Schubert is up for the job. The Schuberts are grateful for their blessings and their family of faith and community. He says, “We’ve been blessed with a company and good business and we believe strongly in giving back to those in need. We give away a lot of service to people in need.”

Schubert gives back to his community whenever he sees a need. So when a local Memphis, TN food bank was shut down by the health department due to a rat infestation, Action Pest Control stepped up to the challenge. With the help of Catchmaster’s 72MB glue boards & stations, he caught approximately 150 rats per week for the first six weeks. He also uncovered the source of the infestation; a warehouse was shipping goods to the food bank on infested pallets.

Action Pest Control also sponsors the Palmer Children Home in Mississippi. Action treats all 14 of their houses and living centers for pest control and termites at no charge. His employees have also become very involved and love to help out this home and the children in need.

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This past holiday season, Schubert learned of a family that had bed bugs. With a father working two jobs and a mother that was laid off, the family simply could not afford treatments. With a generous donation of product from Oldham Chemical, Action Pest Control donated their time and treated the homes the day before Christmas Eve.  But they didn’t stop there. When they learned that this family’s children had no gifts at Christmas time, Action Pest Control’s elves went to work buying gifts to put under the family’s tree.

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“Treat people the way that you would want to be treated”

And it is evident in how he runs his business.

Action Pest Control continues to grow. The Schubert’s children are following in their parents’ footsteps with one son earning a Degree in Agronomy. He has now started another branch in Oxford, MS and put his 4th truck on the road. He runs the branch himself with the knowledge he gained by growing up in the business.

Billy Schubert IS more than a pest professional. We see him as a Public Health Protector, Local Job Creator, Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, Helping Hand Lender and Generous Community Supporter.



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