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The Secret EVERY PMP Should Know About Baiting for Mice and Rats


Catchmaster_TECH TIP_Cotton Whisp_602PE TrapGot a tough rodent infested account that you are struggling with? We know the feeling, we’re from New York, home of the roughest, toughest, and we will even say smartest rodents around! If the peanut butter, snickers, bacon or bait just isn’t cutting it inside your account, then you came to the right place. Our sales force goes out and gets dirty! From the underground of the NYC subways to suburban homes plagued by rodents from our harsh winter, they have seen it all. And, they have a secret to share about baiting for rats and mice.

For time savings and a lasting bait for your toughest accounts try this special rodent bait recipe:

  1. Females are always searching for nesting materials. Cotton balls or small pieces of thread or twine will do the job.
  2. Add a fragrant attractant such as bacon grease, anchovy paste or vanilla extract to the cotton (you are now appealing to both sexes).
  3. Pre-load your rat and mouse snap traps with the scented cotton whisps placed under the “C” on the trap trigger.
  4. Voila! You have a new, varied and unusual bait to try which could mean the difference between success and failure!

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The Key to Sales Growth Could Be Getting Inside of Your Quarterly Accounts

Indoor pest inspections uncover opportunities

Indoor pest inspections uncover opportunities.

The polar vortex and its crushing cold temperatures hit the country hard this year and are sure to have moved rodent infestations into homes and apartments. As you prepare for your quarterly spring treatment this year, capitalize on the increase in indoor rodent infestations and request an indoor inspection. Don’t leave it up to the homeowner to determine that they have rodents. The only way you’ll know for sure is by going inside and inspecting the glue boards and rodent traps that you have set up and put down fresh ones.

Going inside of your quarterly home protection plan accounts should be a goal for you at least once per year. Thoroughly inspecting the inside of the home for evidence of insects and rodents and interacting with the customer about your other services are excellent upsell opportunities that should not be missed. While it is not always convenient for your customer, this year of high indoor rodent infestations is a great reason to capitalize on getting inside of the home during your quarterly service. Beyond just sending postcards and email reminders and making follow-up phone calls to schedule appointments, show the customer why an indoor inspection is so important. Remind your customers about:

  • Rodent infestation signs such as finding droppings, hearing scratching in the walls and ceilings, etc.
  • Rodent infestation health risks including the diseases spread by rodents and the fire hazard that rodents create from gnawing on electrical wiring
  • The importance of cleaning rodent infested areas to reduce the spread of disease and the potential for allergy and asthma symptoms

Indoor rodent populations are high this time of the year. Make the extra effort to inspect indoors, interact with the customer about their other pest concerns and then capitalize on this opportunity to upsell them on your ancillary services.

Remember, if cold temperatures are still a factor in your service area consider a glue board specially formulated to last through the winter months.

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Rodent Infestations an After Effect of the Polar Vortex

Rodent infestations increase with cold weather.

Rodent infestations increase with cold weather.

This Polar Vortex we are stuck in just won’t let up! As the cold continues to keep its grip on us even into the spring, pest professionals are being kept busy with calls on rodent infestations. Record snowfall and freezing temperatures put extra pressure on mice, rats and other rodents causing them to seek shelter and search for food. The result: increased rodent infestations in homes and businesses. Pest professionals like Bill Cowley of Cowley’s Pest Services in New Jersey says, “So far in 2014 calls for indoor rodent problems have kept us very busy. All of the snow and freezing temperatures displaced rodent populations and kept our phones ringing throughout this first quarter of the year.”

Pest professionals are welcoming this increase in rodent business which is giving them an early bump in sales for the year. With the freezing temperatures expected to remain low throughout the spring, rodent populations are likely to stay put indoors. Many PMPs are capitalizing on this by sending out communications to their customer base to tell them the signs to look for to detect rodent infestations in their home or apartment and notifying them of rodent infestation health hazards. PMPs are also laying out extra glue boards during their quarterly services to pick up on evidence of rodent infestations.

Are you doing anything different to protect your customer base with the harsh winter weather we are having? Join us on Facebook and let us know how your rodent business is doing this season.

The Key to More Profitable Bedbug Services

APGBedBug2iStock_000015160424SmallThe bedbug problem is showing no signs of slowing down.  This unique pest carries the title of most difficult pest to treat. Bedbug work is labor intensive, in some part reliant on the cooperation of the home or business owner, expensive for both parties and now highly litigious. Bedbug work is truly a double-edged sword. Treating for bedbugs can be lucrative, but labor hours and expensive callbacks can quickly eat away at your profits.

The time has come to work smarter, not harder. Pest professionals pro-actively monitor their accounts for rodents and insects and have been doing so for decades. It is a safe, efficient, effective, low-cost method to alert us to a problem. Why would this same approach not work for your high-risk bedbug accounts? APGBed Bug Nymphs (2)Why, after performing a bedbug treatment, would you not monitor the account for further bedbug activity? Perhaps you question the effectiveness of a glue board to catch bedbugs. We say, the proof is in the pudding.  We have been delivering quality, consistency and reliability with our specialty adhesive products for over sixty years. Our bedbug detection devices were created with bedbug biology and behavior in mind – where they like to hide, what kind of materials they favor – to create a bedbug “safe haven.”  Our bedbug monitors offer:

  • Low-cost method for identifying a bedbug infestation early
  • Low maintenance, may even be checked by housekeeping or those living in the residence
  • A post-treatment tool to provide peace-of-mind to the customer
  • Safe, non-chemical method that may be used anywhere
  • Increase revenue opportunities by establishing a proactive bedbug protocol

Catchmaster® BDS2.0 Bedbug Monitor Our revolutionary new monitors are designed specifically for bed bugs.  Detect bed bugs early, before the infestation has a chance to move to a new location.

  • Cost-effective
  • Proactive monitoring tools that can be used on a large scale anywhere bed bugs may be a concern
  • Adhesive strip on the back helps it to stay in place
  • The NEW plastic cover protects glue for easy inspection
  • Our NEW double adhesive closure allows for two inspections or relocation of the device
  • A perfect post-treatment monitor to alert you to a re-infestation
  • Peace-of-mind to the client and the service provider
  • Provide specific checkpoints for technicians to repeatedly concentrate their efforts on known bedbug hotspots
  • Use for post-treatment monitoring to gauge effectiveness

Catchmaster® Slider™ Bedbug Monitor Designed specifically for use between the mattress and the box spring, our Slider™ Bedbug Monitor alerts you to bedbug activity in one of their most common harborage sites.  Our design makes the Slider™ a must-have tool in any high-risk account.

  • Designed as an ideal harborage site for bedbugs
  • Serves as an interceptor trap and as a passive monitor
  • Use to monitor the effectiveness of bedbug treatments
  • Clear protection window makes inspecting fast and easy
  • Place directly under mattress and other bedbug hotspots
  • Peace-of-mind to the client and the service provider
  • Provide specific checkpoints for technicians to repeatedly concentrate their efforts on known bedbug hotspots
  • Use for post-treatment monitoring to gauge effectiveness


The time has come to apply the same tried and true methods that alert us to other pest problems to bedbugs.  We already know the many benefits that early detection of a bedbug infestation offers.  Improve your service by offering monitoring to those high-risk accounts and install monitors post-treatment. For even more info, check out the latest addition to our Resource Library – a FREE How To Perform a Bedbug Inspection Infographic perfect for use by PMPs on their social media channels and/or website.  This ‘social’ tool will help your clients to take part in identifying an infestation early.

See what other Pest Professionals are saying about our bed bug monitoring devices:

From Sam Soto, Owner, First Rate Solutions, Inc. – “As part of our bed bug protocol glue boards, BDS2.0 and/or the Slider are used at every bed bug job.  The low cost and effectiveness of these products makes it a no brainer. They are perfect for use in residential complexes.”

From William Hoffman, Co-Owner, Hoffman’s Exterminating Co., Inc. – “In 2013 we have had a 100% increase in BedBug revenue. With the continuing discoveries in new chemistry, treatment techniques and monitoring techniques, one old reliable product still has a place in our tool box – glue boards. I think everyone in the industry agrees the we can give a “positive” Bed Bug inspection or results, but it is nearly impossible to say No bed bugs are present.  I compare this to WDIR inspections when we find evidence of termites, with no signs of treatment and are asked to state that no termites exist behind the walls. Glue boards,  like other monitors,  may not tell you that you don’t have Bed Bugs, but a capture will confirm they are present for a very small cost.”

From Myles Guevremont, General Manager, Tri-County Termite & Pest Control, Inc. – “We began using Catchmaster BDS monitors as a part of our bed bug arsenal about three years ago.  As a company that services many large commercial accounts for bed bugs, we quickly realized that it is neither practical nor particularly effective to perform visual inspections of large commercial spaces.  The BDS monitors allow us to pinpoint problem areas and focus inspection and treatment efforts more efficiently.  In one case, we had been treating bed bugs in a large office space for almost 2 months, but it was difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem. We decided to install BDS monitors throughout the cubicles of the office, and when we returned to inspect the following week, we were able to identify the point of introduction and eliminate the problem. With the redesigned BDS2.0, we have enjoyed the same level of efficacy, but the ease of use has drastically increased our productivity.”



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