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Members of the Pest Management Industry have a rich history of protecting the health and welfare of citizens as well as giving back to the community. One such member is Galvin Murphy, owner of Yankee Pest Control located in Malden, Massachusetts.

Murphy has supported his community in every facet of his life. From humble beginnings, he has always wanted to help others. Murphy began his career serving our nation as a Marine.  He left the military as a disabled veteran but that clearly never hindered his passion to serve. Following his time in the Marines, he became a firefighter in Cambridge, MA.

A chance meeting at the Harvard University Fire House set him on an unexpected path.  It was there that Murphy struck up a conversation with a local PCO who stopped in looking for directions. The pest professional mentioned a good opportunity for firemen to consider part-time employment in a new industry. Murphy took him up on the offer. He worked for the pest management company for a little over a year before the company was acquired and the part-time position was eliminated.

After working with another pest control operator for a couple of years, Murphy decided to try a part-time route of his own.  Both he and his wife were strong civil service employees with very little business training. Though he was at a disadvantage, Murphy was not intimidated.

One struggle that he experienced early in his entrepreneurial course, was finding access to the technical training needed to solve the variety of pest problems that customers encountered. The education that is currently available for pest professionals didn’t seem to exist, so Murphy took it upon himself to create it.  Murphy not only educated himself, but also ensured that future generations didn’t face the same problem. He eventually became the Educational Chair for the New England Pest Management Association where he continues to help coordinate a series of training opportunities for pest professionals across the region.


“If you see a need and no one is recognizing that need then get involved and make it happen. And that goes for everything in life – not just business.”


-Galvin Murphy, President & Founder, Yankee Pest Control


With an established business and a son eager to get involved, Murphy finds that he has more time to do what he loves: help others. Being a former marine, it was a no-brainer for him to use his network of business contacts, employees and resources to help our troops. Murphy became very involved with a long list of military organizations like the Disabled American Veterans, Ahern Family Charitable Association and the Semper Fi Foundation, a group that creates scholarships for sons and daughters of service men and women injured or even killed in action.

Murphy’s involvement grew and evolved into a “Local Heroes” effort where a team of hundreds came together at Murphy’s house for large parties and to fill care packages. “It seemed like the whole town became involved”, says Murphy. The Mayor, police department, friends and relatives would arrive to form assembly lines, filling packages of donated items for the troops. Industry suppliers joined the efforts, including items donated by Catchmaster, to help control the pest problems that the troops overseas were struggling with.

Murphy continues to donate his time, especially during the Christmas season. In fact, you could call him a Santa-like volunteer. As a member of the Kiwanis group, Murphy keeps busy getting involved in a holiday package drive by delivering toys, candy, cookies, hats and more to local families in need using the Yankee Pest Control box truck.  He recalls one special Christmas where he visited a mother fleeing a domestic violence situation and living in a motel. The mother and children, who left with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, saw Santa that year when Murphy backed up his box truck and opened the door to an array of gifts for the children.

Murphy has never had a problem calling upon his clients to join in the cause.  In fact, some local restaurants have been offering free food and drinks on a designated night. The only catch? Diners must show up with a toy offering for the children.

YANKEE-PEST-CONTROL-TRUCKA funny thing has been happening with all of Murphy’s community efforts. His business is growing! Local businesses not only supported all of Murphy’s charitable efforts, but they hire him to protect their businesses from pests. And his employees are happy. Who doesn’t want to work for an organization that gives back so much to the community? Murphy cautions others, “Volunteer only when your heart is in the right place. Don’t do it for the benefit of your business, do it for the benefit of your community. The good will, no-doubt, come back to you.”

So, when it comes down to it, why does Galvin Murphy love pest control? It affords him the time and money to help his community. Murphy continues to love what he does from his work at Yankee Pest Control to all of the time he spends helping out in the community. He left us with these final words “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

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