YOUR-LOGO-HERE-Glue-BoardMake Your Pest Services Stand Out from the Crowd!

The internet has really changed the way businesses promote themselves these days. But one traditional form of marketing that remains popular until this very day is: the promotional item. Call it whatever you may the tchotchke, the freebie, the giveaway, it’s something that folks still want. At trade shows, after a sales call or free estimate, most everyone loves that free gift meant to remind the potential customer of the seller’s business.

How are you using promotional products to differentiate yourself and your business? Will the pen, calendar or perhaps letter opener do enough to remind your prospect to call you? Or, will it hit the trash can the minute you disappear from the account? Perhaps in the past you have focused on the usefulness of the item you are giving away. But have you ever tried to giveaway an item that your prospect will use when making decisions about your service?

Imagine handing over to your prospect some glue boards or even a snap trap with your company name and contact information on it. Surely, something of this nature will not be tossed into the trash. Instead, most folks are more apt to store an item of this nature until a problem arises. The very utilitarian nature of a glue board or trap almost assures that the item will be put to good use! What better scenario could you ask for than to have a prospect discover a possible mouse or pest invasion, pull out a glue board or trap to attempt to confirm their suspicions and be reminded of your company?

Beyond giving away a unique promotional item that your prospect will remember your company by, handing out a snap trap or glue board is a conversation piece. Explain to your prospect how to properly bait or set a snap trap, how your service is different than your competitors or perhaps how you have been successful managing rodents or pests in accounts similar to those. With glue boards you could easily talk about how important monitoring is. The conversation can lead to proactive pest control versus reactive.

As we head into the rodent season consider how this timely and certainly unique giveaway can make your company stand out from the crowd. Learn more about private label snap traps and glue boards by contacting your local Catchmaster Sales Representatives.

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