Bedbug Management Tools


Revolutionary new monitors designed specifically for bedbugs. Utilizing certain key materials and other patented technology, BDS™ monitors create a harborage so bedbugs can be detected before they proliferate and infest a new location. BDS2.0 and Slider are cost-effective and proactive monitoring tools that can be used on a large scale anywhere bedbugs may be a concern. The monitors can also be used post-treatment to gauge the effectiveness of a treatment – decreasing the likelihood and severity of a future infestation.

Should be used as early detection devices in:

•  Multi-Unit Dwellings/Apartment Complexes

•  Hotel/Lodging Locations

•  Long-Term Care Facilities/Hospitals

•  Offices

•  College Dormitories

•  Schools/Daycare Facilities

•  Public Storage

•  Anywhere people inhabit or frequent including restaurants and public transportation