Rodent Infestations an After Effect of the Polar Vortex

Rodent infestations increase with cold weather.

Rodent infestations increase with cold weather.

This Polar Vortex we are stuck in just won’t let up! As the cold continues to keep its grip on us even into the spring, pest professionals are being kept busy with calls on rodent infestations. Record snowfall and freezing temperatures put extra pressure on mice, rats and other rodents causing them to seek shelter and search for food. The result: increased rodent infestations in homes and businesses. Pest professionals like Bill Cowley of Cowley’s Pest Services in New Jersey says, “So far in 2014 calls for indoor rodent problems have kept us very busy. All of the snow and freezing temperatures displaced rodent populations and kept our phones ringing throughout this first quarter of the year.”

Pest professionals are welcoming this increase in rodent business which is giving them an early bump in sales for the year. With the freezing temperatures expected to remain low throughout the spring, rodent populations are likely to stay put indoors. Many PMPs are capitalizing on this by sending out communications to their customer base to tell them the signs to look for to detect rodent infestations in their home or apartment and notifying them of rodent infestation health hazards. PMPs are also laying out extra glue boards during their quarterly services to pick up on evidence of rodent infestations.

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