Take Your Brand Image to the Next Level with Private Labeling


It’s always a good exercise to take a step back and look at your business. Whether you are trying to become a million dollar per year operation or break into the Top 100 pest control firms in the country, it is important to know whether or not your business is properly positioned in the marketplace to achieve your set goals.  Brand Image or how your current and potential customers view your company or brand is vital to your success and goal achievement. A few things that affect your brand image in the marketplace include:

  • Marketing Materials. They may invoke a casual, laid back feeling or an elite style that says you cater to higher end clients. Regardless of what you say be sure your materials all follow a cohesive, polished look and feel.
  • Internet Presence. Perhaps you have a spokesperson that you feature online to answer customer concerns or have the leading pest library on the web, be sure your website caters to your customer base and is a resource for them to turn to when they have a pest problem.
  • Customer Service Experience. When a client calls, how your technicians present themselves or offering online chat are all ways you can communicate to your client base that service is a high priority at your company.

But there is yet another way to communicate brand image and one that can help create a perception that your firm is innovative, offers high quality products and services and commands market share…. Private Labeling.

Private labeling is the practice of a product being manufactured by one company for offer under another company’s brand. It has become a popular practice here in the U.S. for many years and is a growing trend here in the U.S. as well as in other countries. When buyers perceive value and quality by a brand they tend to trust that brand more. When your glue boards, mouse and rat traps and insect monitors carry your brand name it leaves your footprint behind in every account that you service. These free business cards go everywhere your technicians go and say these firms trust me, shouldn’t you? Private label products are no longer something that only national brands can acquire. Now any size firm has the power to create their own line of branded glue boards or customized traps. PMPs can add text, upload their logo and communicate your key messaging all with a few clicks on your computer.

As you set out to achieve your goals this year consider how private label glue boards and traps can help you get there. Improve your sales opportunities, leave your mark behind in every account that you service and impress your clients with your private labeled products. Let your professionalism, innovation and value show through in the monitors and traps that you leave behind in your client’s locations and watch your bottom line soar.

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