The Key to Sales Growth Could Be Getting Inside of Your Quarterly Accounts

Indoor pest inspections uncover opportunities

Indoor pest inspections uncover opportunities.

The polar vortex and its crushing cold temperatures hit the country hard this year and are sure to have moved rodent infestations into homes and apartments. As you prepare for your quarterly spring treatment this year, capitalize on the increase in indoor rodent infestations and request an indoor inspection. Don’t leave it up to the homeowner to determine that they have rodents. The only way you’ll know for sure is by going inside and inspecting the glue boards and rodent traps that you have set up and put down fresh ones.

Going inside of your quarterly home protection plan accounts should be a goal for you at least once per year. Thoroughly inspecting the inside of the home for evidence of insects and rodents and interacting with the customer about your other services are excellent upsell opportunities that should not be missed. While it is not always convenient for your customer, this year of high indoor rodent infestations is a great reason to capitalize on getting inside of the home during your quarterly service. Beyond just sending postcards and email reminders and making follow-up phone calls to schedule appointments, show the customer why an indoor inspection is so important. Remind your customers about:

  • Rodent infestation signs such as finding droppings, hearing scratching in the walls and ceilings, etc.
  • Rodent infestation health risks including the diseases spread by rodents and the fire hazard that rodents create from gnawing on electrical wiring
  • The importance of cleaning rodent infested areas to reduce the spread of disease and the potential for allergy and asthma symptoms

Indoor rodent populations are high this time of the year. Make the extra effort to inspect indoors, interact with the customer about their other pest concerns and then capitalize on this opportunity to upsell them on your ancillary services.

Remember, if cold temperatures are still a factor in your service area consider a glue board specially formulated to last through the winter months.

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