The Secret to Improving Your Home Protection Plan’s Retention Rate

Residential Home - shutterstock_14833948 (640x426)Believe it or not, Americans don’t like to complain.  According to the Research Institute of America only 4 percent of unhappy customers bother to complain.  If your Home Protection Plan retention rate is slipping, consider these two possible causes and read on for the real secret behind keeping these annual customers on the books:

  1. Your customer is still seeing pests inside of their home and they feel your services are ineffective.
  2. Your customer is not seeing pests inside of their home but they don’t attribute their pest-free environment to your services.

So, what is the secret to keeping your Home Protection Plan customers on the books?  Prove to them your value.  If you are simply showing up at their home three or four times per year, doing your outdoor treatment and then leaving you are missing the opportunity to communicate your value.  Glueboards can help you prove that value.

By placing glueboards to monitor both pest and rodent activity in an account you will know exactly what is happening there. If your glueboards are catching pests covered under your plan then let your homeowner know you are addressing the problem.  If they are catching pests not covered under the plan then you have a great upsell opportunity.  If the glueboards remain empty and your perimeter treatment is preventing pest problems in the home, then you can use the face-to-face time with your customer to communicate your value and assure them that you are monitoring your home.

The key to retention is ensuring that your customers see value in your service.  Using glueboards and going inside the account to check them at every service will assure your customer that your Home Protection Plan is keeping them pest-free.

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