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On March 14th 2016, Arthropodcast.com, a podcast discussing all aspects of the pest control business, reached a milestone. After just 50 episodes, the podcast – run by the team of Steve Jackson and Bryan Baird – saw its 10,000th download this past March, proving just how popular the series has become with pest management professionals (PMPs). The duo reached another new milestone of 20,000 downloads this July. The momentum has fuelled their fire and the Arthropodcast show seems to be better than ever, trending 800 downloads per week!

It all began with Steve Jackson running a pest control podcast on his own. While he enjoyed the role, he felt there was something missing – something that would take the podcast to the next level. When his friend and fellow PMP, Bryan Baird, showed interest, the two quickly formed a partnership and began growing the podcast into a great success story.

Prior to the Arthropodcast debut, Steve and Bryan were busy pest professionals having both been in the industry for many years. It was during their early conversations that the idea for the podcast came about. They knew there was already a lot of information available to pest professionals in the form of a blog and social media pages, but the two felt a podcast might be just what the industry needed. Pest professionals are often on the road, driving between stops and busy working long hours each day. Having something they can listen to that can be available at their disposal might be even more beneficial than an online blog.

“In the past few years, some outstanding social media groups and blogs like pestcemetery.com have emerged that have become immensely valuable to our industry professionals. That being said, Bryan and I knew that thousands of PCOs were too busy to read the long conversations and articles. That’s why we started Arthropodcast. We wanted to give PCOs their pest info on the go.”

And there was born the Arthropodcast tagline … “Pest Info on the Go”. Another reason for Steve and Bryan to host a podcast is both men had a prior interest in radio – Bryan even performed voice acting in radio commercials as a kid – so producing a podcast was a fun undertaking for them.


But what is it that makes the Arthropodcast such a success? Steve & Bryan believe the show’s success is due to many factors. For starters, it’s the content. The duo doesn’t solely talk about controlling pests. Arthropodcast is meant to start a dialogue about the world of pest control – every aspect of it. The hosts have their fingers on the pulse of what is important to pest professionals. They invite leading industry consultants and key opinion leaders in the field to talk about important issues such as accounting, marketing, the digital world, Zika virus and more. With no two shows being the same, the variety of the subject matters appeals to PMPs at all stages of the game.

Steve and Bryan readily admit they don’t have all the answers. Their goal is to strike up a conversation about hot topics in the industry and invite guests to their show that PMPs want to hear from. Their listeners regularly contact them with opinions and input. Steve & Bryan even go so far as to bring on their ‘haters’ making for some of their more hilarious episodes and even converting some of them into fans.

The Arthropodcast aims to reach anyone passionate about the pest management industry and this extends to the technician, the one-man operator, those starting out in the industry and even pest management veterans. One of Steve and Bryan’s primary goals is to give PMPs a place to go to talk about or listen to others that understand their daily successes, struggles and questions. As hosts, they share similar daily experiences, laugh about the day-to-day and offer one another helpful advice. The podcast is a completely honest, often unflinching, account of the industry as a whole, which discusses some of the less pleasant aspects of the job.

The pair really enjoys talking to those who are new to the pest management industry. They love to uncover and share tips and tricks that make everyone more successful. Recently a PMP suggested that texting a mother with young children before your arrival helps to make them feel more comfortable when letting a stranger into their home and being prepared to answer the door for you.

Steve and Bryan offer this valuable, educational and entertaining show to our industry. The hosts are not compensated for the time they dedicate, and yet they plan on continuing to produce the same high-quality podcasts as ever, informing and entertaining listeners as they go. But what’s the overriding motivation for continuing? Bryan gives the best answer, when he says

“We want to give folks in our industry something to think about, a chance to start a conversation about making this industry better and a moment to lighten their load a little.”

What a wonderful way to give back to our industry and such a testament to #WhyWeCatch!

Steve and Bryan’s podcast can be downloaded by visiting their website, www.arthropodcast.com, where you’ll also be able to subscribe to their fun and informative shows.

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