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A 3rd Generation, Community Driven Business

Giving back to the community is something that is close to the hearts of many pest management companies across the country, and this is certainly the case when it comes to JP Pest Services. Not only are they one of the most well-known names in pest management, but they are also an incredibly charitable organization, and have made huge differences to the lives of many people.

Formed in 1925, JP Pest Services has been a household name in the New England area for nearly a century. Started by J. Justin Pestana (known to all as Jack), a Portuguese immigrant, the company has now been run by three generations of the Pestana family, as control of the company passed to J. Justin Pestana Jr, and then to his sons, Chris Pestana and Joe Pestana.
The origins of the company came from Jack’s drive and passion, which was evident from an early age. He eventually founded JP Chemical Services, which provided chemicals for both janitorial and pest control use. The company grew into a successful enterprise, which is evident by the fact that it is still flourishing today, and allowed him to purchase a farm, which became the company’s headquarters.

While the founder of the company certainly laid the groundwork for a great business, it was his son who implemented many of the core values still exhibited by JP Pest Services today. He brought organization to the company, instilled a customer service culture in staff members, and inspired those who worked for the company to really care about the wellbeing of the organization. It was through his leadership that the company embarked on a focus towards pest control, mainly thanks to his training in urban entomology.

The transformation of the company from chemicals to pest control was completed in 2007, when the name was changed to JP Pest Services under the direction of Chris and Joe. The company continued to grow over the years and maintains a place among the most successful and most highly-regarded names in pest management.

Success hasn’t been solely measured on business though, as they have been active in the local community for decades, helping their fellow man to overcome the struggles of everyday life. As Chris Pestana shared with us “It’s easy for us to forget what the pest control industry has all been about. We are here to protect public health and property, a good civic reason. What we do everyday is a benefit to society.”

Many local organizations have received financial assistance from JP Pest Services, and this focus started with J. Justin Pestana Jr, who was an active member of the Rotary Club. He did everything from donating large sums of money through to volunteering his own time, but perhaps his greatest success was this: he instilled a spirit of civic responsibility into his children, and ensured that the company’s philanthropic efforts continue to this very day.

Since JP Pest Services was taken over by Chris and Joe, they have given generously, plus they have eradicated unnecessary expenses, so that they can give even more. For example, they no longer spend thousands of dollars every year on Christmas cards, preferring instead to use the money for more worthwhile causes. One of these causes is the Merrimac Valley Food Bank, which receives donations around the holidays from the company, so that it can provide food and comfort to the many families in the area living below the poverty line.


Helping children is another goal of the business, and they do so in a number of ways. One of their biggest recipients of donations is the Cedar Crest Center for Children with Disabilities, which provides accommodation for severely disabled children, either for respite or on a long-term basis. Chris and Joe were inspired to donate after taking a tour around the facility, and being stunned by the fantastic work being done there.

David’s House is another major recipient of donations from JP Pest Services, and is a truly wonderful organization. It helps kids with cancer, whose parents are unable to afford the treatment required to nurse them back to health. Without donations from the community, this organization wouldn’t be able to run, and many families would be left in desperate situations. The same is true for Pathways, another charity they support which helps people with disabilities to get more chances in life.

Money isn’t the only way that JP Pest Services strives to help the community though, as they also donate massive amounts of time. JP Pest Services employees are encouraged to work with charities that are dear to them, and are paid for the time they spend there. Not only does this help the charity, but it also ensures that the company builds further bridges and connections with the local community.


It is this connection to the local community that’s at the heart of the company’s success in business. They are a prime example of how being charitable can actually improve a company’s business, as the thousands spent on charitable donations eventually return thanks to an increase in business, garnered from the great reputation they’ve built up.

Their reputation also ensures that they can attract the very best staff members from the area. Chris and Joe Pestana believe that “it’s the people that work there that give them the strategic advantage in their marketplace.” The new generation of workers entering the market is perhaps the most politically and ethically aware in history, and want to work in a place that values civic responsibility as highly as profits and margins. Philanthropy has become an incredibly successful marketing ploy for the company, although it was never meant to be.

The story of JP Pest Services is a lesson for everyone in the pest control industry, as it emphasizes the way in which business and philanthropy can easily go hand in hand, with one always complementing the other. The ability to create change, either locally or internationally, is a privilege afforded to many companies in the US, and is certainly a privilege that should not be ignored.
The Atlantic Paste & Glue team applauds the Pestana’s on their commitment to excellence in serving their customer base and their community. These brothers are more than pest professionals we see them as Public Health Protectors, Trail Blazers in the pest management industry and Generous Civic Servants.

We are proud to supply JP Pest Services with branded glue boards that Chris Pestana says “helps them to maintain their professional image and is an important tool in their toolbox.”

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