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Everyone who submits a story will be entered to win a 2-day trip to NYC to join the AP&G team and tour the new state-of-the-art facility. Share YOUR story for a chance to win a trip for 2 to NYC and be featured in PCT Magazine and CatchmasterPRO.com!


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The Catchmaster® brand of pest control products has successfully evolved over decades to better service the industry. Years of steady growth and delivery of quality products continues as AP&G prepares for expansion into a state of the art manufacturing facility and new office in Bayonne, NJ. The new facility will provide more space for new machinery to increase productivity and enhance production capabilities. We feel this move is necessary to continue to pave the future of pest management.

As the Catchmaster team is adding a new chapter to their company’s journey, they are taking this time to reflect on the past and recognize those who make this industry great. Submissions from pest professionals around the country will be collected to create a tribute to the industry. Memories, success stories and advice to future generations will be gathered from leaders within pest management and shared through social media, Catchmaster’s website and featured in PCT Magazine.

We want to hear from you! All pest professionals are invited to share their story from their beginnings in pest management to where they are now. We would also like to gather advice from one generation of pest professionals to the next.


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