GLOstik™ Flying Insect Trap

AP&G has developed a new class of Insect Light Trap– a portable ILT. For most applications, a typical plug-in or hard-wired unit is the best approach. However, there are many situations and locations where power is not easily accessible. AP&G designed its all-new Catchmaster® GLOstik™ – a small, battery operated/portable device – for just these scenarios. The LED-based GLOstik™ has been proven attractive for multiple species of flying insects – including many common in food processing/prep areas such as house flies, fruit flies, and Indian Meal Moths. The unique design of the GLOstik™ now allows you to control or monitor flying insects in areas never before possible.

Refill Tubes Available

Batteries Included



Item # Contains Packed Size
918 Complete Trap 6 Traps per Case – 1 LED Base, Batteries, & 1 Glue Tube Per Trap 3 x 2.75 x 10″
919 Refill Glue Tubes 12 Tubes per Case (LED Base NOT INCLUDED) 9.5 x 2.75″