AP&G is a leading manufacturer of high-quality monitors and traps for rodent, fly and insect management.

Get a huge range of professional products from the Catchmaster® PRO line. We provide products that let you monitor insects, rodents and other creatures, and we aim for quality. This ensures maximum reliability for any level of pest control expert.

We produce glue traps for rodents, professional-level traps for mosquitoes and other flying insects and capture devices for crawling insects.

AP&G was established during the early 1950s, and it originally produced specialty adhesives. It introduced the Catchmaster® brand in 1977 to deliver innovative pest control and management products for professional. We test a huge range of devices to destruction in our labs and in real-world settings, so you can be sure you’ll get maximum performance every time you choose a Catchmaster® product.

We are proud of our history dating back to the early 1950’s.  Atlantic Paste & Glue has always been a Brooklyn, NY based company.  We are proud that we now distribute to over 70 countries and continue to grow.

Moses Frisch, an immigrant chemist from Hungary, founded Atlantic Paste and Glue manufacturing specialty adhesives, coatings, textile bondings, envelope and packing adhesives, and flexographic inks in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

Facility moved to Sunset Park, BK with AP&G’s expansion. This building remains our current glue manufacturing facility.

Introduction of wallpaper paste production.

Steve Frisch, future & current President & CEO, joins his father Moses Frisch at Atlantic Paste & Glue

Introduction of the Catchmaster® brand and production of bulk glue for pest management applications.

The first Catchmaster® glue traps were produced. (#102/#104 style glue tray).

1983 – Focus on products for the Pest Management Industry began after the success of the Catchmaster

1984 – Introduction of Catchmaster® glue boards (#72MB Series glue boards)

1984 – Atlantic Past and Glue expands to larger manufacturing facilities with the purchase of its first, high-volume production machinery

1984 – Introduction of Catchmaster® Insect Monitors and Traps and insect glue formulas

1985 – Introduction of the Catchmaster® Gold Stick™ fly traps and flying insect glue formulas

1988 – First international customer

Atlantic Paste and Glue expands the Catchmaster® fly product line to include flylights and replacement glue boards.

Continual expansion requires Atlantic Paste and Glue to acquire more production property.

Introduction of Catchmaster® mechanical rodent traps.

Atlantic Paste and Glue increases production capabilities and relocates to the current office and manufacturing facility to 170-53rd St., Brooklyn, NY.

Atlantic Paste and Glue becomes AP&G Co., Inc

AP&G introduces BBEDS™ and  BDS™ brands with the addition of bedbug adhesives, traps and monitors.

The GLOstik™ and SilenTrap™ Flying Insect Traps are created and added to the Catchmaster® product line.

The introduction of digitally customized private label glue boards.

AP&G Co., Inc. relocates to 75 E 2nd St., Bayonne, NJ to further enhance production efficiencies and expansion.

American Made

AP&G has been an American based company since its creation. We are proud that our product line is designed and created right here in the USA. Management has resisted the switch to foreign manufacturing enabling us to employ Americans and produce an American product.

Our Green Initiative

AP&G offers a full range of no-to-low toxicity products. No poisons, no toxins, no harsh chemicals.  Perfect for inclusion in any green pest management program or as part of an Integrated Pest Management approach.

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