Product Safety

We make it a point to understand what the in-home experience for your customers is when you use our traps. We are plugged in to those experiences and actively working to relay this information back to you. Below are the most common questions we're hearing and the answers we've found the customer likes most.

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What should I do if my pet becomes stuck on a glue board or glue tray?

First, sprinkle shredded paper or torn bits of paper towel around the exposed glue area to prevent further entanglement. Next, gently massage a light coating of vegetable or mineral oil on and around the contact area. Gently and carefully remove the pet from the glue surface. Clean with soap and water. Finally, discard the used glue board or tray in a trash receptacle.

What should I do if a non-targeted species becomes stuck on a glue board or tray?

Contact your local veterinarian, certified wildlife rehab specialist or animal control for assistance.  For an organization in your area, please visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory at

We do not recommend that you handle any wild animal without consulting professionals at your local Wildlife Control Department or certified wildlife rehab specialists.

Can I use a glue board or glue tray as a live trap?

We do not recommend using any adhesive based monitors or traps for live capturing pests or any other wild animals.