Maximize Your Catch and Boost Sales This Season

By September 6, 2023blog, Pest Business, Rodents

Glue boards are arguably one of the most important tools in the pest professional’s toolbox. Glue boards continue working around the clock to monitor for pests when you and your team cannot.  When properly placed, glueboards help pest professionals to uncover pest activity taking place and properly identify the pest prior to any control methods being employed. Glue boards are the key to Integrated Pest Management. Proper identification of pests allows the pest professional to use targeted treatments thereby limiting unnecessary pesticide treatments when possible.

Beyond the above mentioned benefits, glueboards give you many opportunities within your customer accounts.  Consider the following ways in which glueboards can enhance your service and uncover opportunities in your residential accounts.

  • Improve your retention rate.  If your Home Protection Plan customers are cancelling their contracts could it be because they are still seeing pests inside of their home?  Glue boards can help you understand what is happening inside of your residential accounts and provide proof of a problem so you may start the conversation with your client.
  • Increase your upsells.  Placing glueboards inside of your account gives you a reason to go inside your client’s home and inspect.  Not only will this provide you with face time with your customer but it offers plenty of opportunities to upsell your customers on your other ancillary services.  For example, while you are inside a client’s basement checking your ‘monitoring devices’ you may notice evidence of termites, camel crickets or wildlife problems.
  • Provide proof of a pest infestation.  Glue boards offer a visual to show your customers of what types of pests they may have should they cancel your service.  Uncovering a pest problem before a customer is suffering the effects of a full blown pest infestation can make a big difference.  Having proof to show your customer will help to prove your value to them.
  • Tip you off to a re-infestation.  Glue boards not only help to monitor for new infestations but help to serve as a tool that alerts you to a re-infestation.  Offer your customer peace of mind that if mice or other pests that you treated for were to return you have a system in place to monitor for it.
  • An important part of your Integrated Pest Management Approach.  Customers will love the idea that before you treat their home for any pest problem you understand and have proof of the target pest at hand.  Glue boards play an important role in residential pest management today.  Gone are the days of spraying pesticides or treating a home without first finding good cause.  Having glueboards strategically placed throughout a home allows you to identify the pest problem and use your knowledge of that pest’s habits to eliminate it from the home using a targeted treatment approach.
  • Take your marketing to the next level with private labels.  Imagine handing over to your prospect a glue board or snap trap with your company name and contact information on it. Unlike most promotional items that get tossed in the trash, the very utilitarian nature of a glue board or snap trap almost assures you that the item will be put to good use. What better scenario could you ask for than to have a prospect discover a possible mouse or pest invasion, pull out a glue board or trap to confirm their suspicions and be reminded of your company?

Whether you are currently using glueboards in your residential Home Protection Plan accounts, or plan to in the future, be sure you communicate the importance of their use to your customers.  Glue boards are a non-toxic, green approach to monitoring pest and rodent infestations in a home.  For more information on adding glueboards to your service protocols visit us online today at

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