Top 5 Marketing Tactics for Your Rodent Service

These top 5 marketing tactics for your rodent service can be vital to your success. Whether you are just starting out or perfecting your service, these 5 simple tips can help your business grow right now.

Top 5 Marketing Tactics for Your Rodent Service

Top 5 Marketing Tactics for Your Rodent Service - Knowledge

  1. Understand your market– Take a close look at the competitors in your area that are offering rodent services. Become familiar with your competitor’s service offerings and develop your own value proposition. Clearly explain why your service is more valuable to your clients.
  2. Advertise – What media does your target audience consume? In other words which websites do they visit or which magazines do they read for information? Where do they go to search for service providers? These are the places you will want to place advertisements for your services.
  3. Add Value – look for ways to offer value to your target audience.  Consider emailing them a rodent management eBook or a sample of private label glue boards branded with your logo. Include tips for placement to protect their home or business from rodents. Consider offering a free inspection service and follow-up with a rodent management plan to attack their problem.
  4. Focus on the customer experience – train your employees to go above and beyond with an account. Take time to talk with customers about ways they can reduce rodent activity on their property. Follow-up ensuring your service tactics are working. Finally, ask for a testimonial that you can use online and in your marketing pieces to help new customers feel confident in your services.
  5. Own the referral – once you have a happy customer don’t be afraid to ask for their referral and train your employees to do the same.  Offer the customer something of value, like a free treatment or percentage off their next service in exchange for their referral.  Remember, if you don’t ask the answer is always no!

Top 5 Marketing Tactics for Your Rodent Service - Referral

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