5 Pest Tips for Log Cabins

5 Pest Tips for Log Cabins

Many people stay at log cabins to get closer to nature. Unfortunately for some, this also means that nature gets closer as pests of all kinds are attracted to cabins. Managing pests in and around your log cabin can seem like a daunting task but it doesn’t have to. These 5 pest tips for log cabins will help you protect your turf.

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5 Pest Management Tips for a Log Cabin

  1. If you are fortunate enough to build your cabin from scratch be sure to use pre-treated wood. Popular tree types for cabins include many trees that produce sapwood that is an attractant for pests. Treating wood will help make it as resistant as possible to pests.
  2. Keep the exterior of your log cabin as clean as possible, paying particular attention to the areas between the logs.
  3. Keep all outdoor trash far away from your cabin. Leaving trash close to your cabin will only increase the likelihood they venture inside.
  4. Seal all possible entries, including roofs, joints and individual logs. Pests seek the same things human desire, including shelter and food. Don’t leave the door open for them!
  5. Monitor inside your cabin for pests with glue-based monitors. Monitors will allow you to notice the presence of pests before they become an infestation and set up shop in your cabin.

Getting Cabin Control

Being closer to nature in your log cabin doesn’t mean nature has to be a house guest. Remember, pests are a lot like humans in that they need shelter and food. The more you can reduce their access to these staples the better. If pests remain a nuisance in your log cabin after you have acted be sure to contact your pest management professional. Learn more about log cabins from the Log and Timber Homes Council of the NAHB here: https://loghomes.org/ Learn more about the Catchmaster® brand's 72TC glue-based monitors here: https://catchmasterpro.com/products/72tc-series-mouse-insect-glue-board/
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