Catchmaster Pestimonial - Savage Mole Trap & Rottler Pest Solutions

Catchmaster Pestimonial - Savage Mole Trap & Rottler Pest Solutions

In this Catchmaster Pestimonial for the Savage Mole Trap learn how Jay Everitt, Technical Director at Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions for the past 27 years, uses the Catchmaster Savage Mole Trap to keep his customers happy and his callbacks to a minimum.

Savage Mole Trap - Keeping Moles at Bay

Mole control is important to the customers of Rottler Pest Solutions based in St.Louis, MO. The Rottler team uses lots of tools to manage this damaging pest. “Moles are one of the more challenging pests. They can require a lot of return visits and cost us a lot of money in callbacks if they are not managed properly from the start,” Jay Everitt, Technical Director, commented. Rottler includes mole control as part of their General Pest program in order to offer full service to their customers. They use a combination of tools including baits, traps and repellents for moles. When Everitt noticed his team wasn’t having the same success with the mole trap they were currently using he was eager to try a new trap introduced to him by Liz Turner, AP&G South Central Regional Manager. Everitt commented, “I appreciate Liz providing new options to me and making me aware of new technology that Catchmaster brings to market. This particular product was very timely and has been very successful for us so far.”

High Capture Rates

Everitt shared that his team was getting a high capture rate right from the start. They placed four traps and captured four moles. Next, they placed eight more traps and again captured eight moles. He sees the design of the trap as a game changer. The Rottler team needed something robust and the Savage Mole Trap delivered. The Rottler team liked the adjustable trigger plate and the metal construction. And when you step on it to set it it clears the scissors of the trap. The lack of this feature had been a challenge with other products. If the high capture rate with the Catchmaster Savage Mole Trap continues, Everitt believes it will be worth it to change over completely to this product. “The very high capture rate we are seeing makes the Savage trap 3-4 times more effective than others we have tried on the market. It is proving to be effective and worth the cost and savings we are seeing on callbacks,” said Everitt. Bobby Kossowicz is a content creator for the Catchmaster brand, learn more here:

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