Educating Your Customers: The "Aha" Mosquito Moment

Educating Your Customers: The "Aha" Mosquito Moment

Educating your customers starts with inspection

Captain Stan preaches that a proper inspection, on every visit, is the key to controlling most mosquito problems and provide you with the opportunity for educating your customers. Be aware that most customers do not associate their mosquito problem with standing water on their property; they only know they are being bitten. 

The "3 Ws" of an inspection

If you find mosquito breeding sites on a customer’s property, if possible show the larvae and pupae to the customer, explain what they are, where they are breeding and why. Educating your customers has three areas. I like to call them the three Ws:
  1. What you found
  2. Why they are there
  3. What the customer can do to help the situation

The customer may then have an ‘aha’ moment = “oh, is THAT what those are? I see them all over the property and never knew what they were”. At that point, make your pitch on what the customer can do to help YOU provide a better mosquito service and you may have a friend for life!

Educating your customers - Professional tip

One other hint – show the mosquitoes to any kids that may live in the house. Educate them and the next thing you know, you may have some young ‘mosquito detectives’ to help! Learn more about Captain Stan (aka the Mosquito Man) here: Discover how mosquito control tools from the Catchmaster® brand can help you grow your mosquito control business here: Learn more about mosquitoes from the National Pest Management Association here:
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