Final Feed FAQs

Final Feed FAQs

What questions are customers asking about Final Feed™ Mosquito Bait?

Captain Stan (aka the Mosquito Man) has traveled the US and compiled some Final Feed FAQs from the field. Check out his update below.

Part of my amazing job at AP&G (Catchmaster®) is to travel around the country, providing classroom and field training on mosquitoes and Catchmaster’s line of mosquito control products. Various venues have included pest control companies, professional meetings, trade shows, specialized workshops for continuing education credits, zoos and even back rooms at restaurants! Here are the top three questions that customers ask about Final Feed, the first-ever bait for mosquito control.

Q: What is the science behind Final Feed?

A: Both male and female mosquitoes require multiple sugar meals each day for energy and survival. As a result, they acquire these sugar meals from plants. Final Feed is a sugar-based bait that is sprayed on non-flowering vegetation, where the mosquitoes ingest it.

Q: How does Final Feed work?

A: The active ingredient is microencapsulated garlic, which is contained in a bait matrix. The exact mode of action is unknown (a Ph.D. thesis in waiting) but after ingestion, the majority of mosquitoes die within 1-2 days. Also, after ingesting the garlic, female mosquitoes lose their appetite for blood.

Q: As Final Feed is a sugar-based product, doesn’t it attract other pest insects?

A: No. Rigorous scientific testing in the field clearly demonstrates that other insect pests are not attracted by the bait mixture.

We hope you enjoyed these Final Feed FAQs, reach out with your own and check out some additional links below. Discover Final Feed Mosquito bait here: Learn more about Captain Stan (aka the Mosquito Man) here: Finally, learn more about mosquitoes from the NPMA here:

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