Get in the Game of Mosquito Control with a Dynamic Mosquito Reduction Program

Mosquito Reduction Program - Get in the game of mosquito control

A mosquito reduction program can be a key service for your pest control business. Driven in part by fears over Zika, West Nile and other vector-borne diseases, mosquito control services are in increasingly high demand. In fact, the rise in demand has corresponded with an increased presence from pest control organizations focused solely on mosquito control. Yet, despite the opportunity, mosquito control is one of the most under-utilized revenue streams for established pest management companies.

Why is that?

There are several possible reasons for the hesitancy to add mosquito services:
  • Inability to fully eliminate mosquitoes on a property
  • Difficulty managing customer expectations
  • Available products on the market are limited
  • Products on the market may produce unpredictable results
  • Frustration with previous mosquito service protocols
Whatever the reason for staying on the mosquito control sideline, now is the time to get in the game! For example, in the latest year available, PCT Magazine reported 78% of PMPs expected their mosquito revenue to grow in 2018. PMPs can take advantage of this opportunity with an integrated mosquito management program from the Catchmaster® brand. Our products are effective, eco-friendly and safe to use around people, pets and animals. Most importantly, our products are backed by peer-reviewed, published science.

Mosquito Reduction Program - What products can help?

The Catchmaster® brand’s new mosquito bait, Final Feed™, attracts and kills. It is the first mosquito bait on the market and is classified as a 25B exempt minimum risk pesticide by the EPA. In fact, the dual-action formula is made up of natural sugars that attract mosquitoes to the bait. Once ingested, the micro-encapsulated active ingredient (garlic oil, 0.4%) reduces mosquitoes' appetite for blood and then kills them. In fact, it’s a key component in a true integrated mosquito management program. In fact, Final Feed™ mosquito bait stops the breeding cycle and reduces mosquito populations by over 90% within 2-3 weeks. Final Feed™ mosquito bait joins the Catchmaster® brand’s expanding mosquito line which currently includes the Ovi-Catch™ mosquito trap. Used together, both products offer the ability to “kill & catch” on a single property in an eco-friendly manner.

About Ovi-Catch

The Ovi-Catch™ mosquito trap uses mosquitoes’ breeding habits against them. Research has shown that some of the most invasive mosquito species seek out containers to lay their eggs. The Catchmaster® R&D team utilized this knowledge along with technology that was developed and tested at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) laboratory in Puerto Rico, to develop an economical, environmentally-safe and effective tool that works to catch female mosquitoes during their breeding cycle. The Catchmaster® Ovi-Catch™ uses only organic matter, a container and a glueboard to attract and capture mosquitoes. The tool uses no pesticides, making it safe for use in everyday environments. This includes areas like backyards and businesses where children and pets may be present. For each female mosquito caught, up to 1,000 future mosquitoes may be prevented. Bobby Kossowicz is a content creator for the Catchmaster® brand, learn more here:

Mosquito Reduction Program - Additional Resources

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