Halloween Mosquito Prevention

Halloween Mosquito Prevention

Don't let mosquitoes take a bit out of your fun this year - use these 4 Halloween mosquito prevention tips to enjoy pest-free trick-or-treating! Ah- Halloween! The season of gremlins and ghouls is upon us, and costumes and candy rule the day! However, if your locality has not experienced a heavy freeze, nasty mosquitoes will still be out on Halloween. Here are a few tips from Vampire Captain Stan to minimize your exposure whether you are dispensing candy or seeking it yourself.

4 Easy Halloween Mosquito Prevention Tips

  1. If costumes permit, cover as much of your exposed skin as possible. Limit access for the blood-seekers (mosquitoes, not vampires!)
  2. If needed, use a mosquito repellent that has an EPA-registered active ingredient (https://www.cdc.gov/zika/prevention/prevent-mosquito-bites.html)
  3. Mosquitoes love entering houses through open doors. When answering the doorbell, don’t leave the door wide open while giving treats. Invite the visitors in or go outside with them. If weather permits, you can set up your candy store outside or in the garage but be sure and protect yourself!
  4. Many kinds of mosquitoes are highly attracted to white light. Consider using yellow ‘bug lights’ or perhaps even super cool Halloween bulbs in your outdoor fixtures. This will help limit the mosquitoes attracted to your front door as well as to your property.
Happy Haunting and remember: Safety First! Captain Stan Cope (aka the Mosquito Man) is our Vice President of Technical Services. Learn more about Stan here: https://catchmaster.com/introducing-captain-stan-the-mosquito-man/

Additional Resources

For help with mosquito season 2019 & beyond, discover Catchmaster® mosquito management tools: https://catchmasterpro.com/product/final-feed-mosquito-bait/ Finally, learn more about mosquitoes from the NPMA here: https://www.pestworld.org/pest-guide/mosquitoes/
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