Holiday Rodent Inspection Tips

Holiday Rodent Inspection Tips

Don't give rodents a home for the holidays - arm yourself with some holiday rodent inspection tips. Holiday decorations, whether you are getting them out or putting them up, provide a great opportunity to check less-traveled spots for signs of rodents.

Why do rodents visit during the holidays?

Rodents invade our areas searching for the same things we do - food, warmth and shelter. In addition, they prefer undisturbed areas like attics, closets and crawl spaces. Undoubtedly, your holiday decorations are stored in a similar spot. Utilize your time in storage to deploy these holiday rodent inspection tips. 

4 signs of rodents to look for during the holidays

  1. Droppings - A mice infestation is often accompanied by droppings. Mice droppings are typically one-eighth to one-quarter of an inch long with pointed ends. Larger problems, like Norway rats, have larger droppings with blunt ends.
  2. Strong odors - attics, basements and storage areas have distinct smells. Mice see poorly but use urine to mark their territories and navigate new surroundings. The urine leaves behind an undeniable scent that smells like ammonia.
  3. Gnaw marks - rodent’s teeth never stop growing and they gnaw in order to keep their teeth at a comfortable length. An often-overlooked sign of a rodent infestation is gnaw marks or shavings found on or around baseboards, doors or cardboard storage containers.
  4. Tracks or rub markets - mice do not see well and hug the walls during travel. Eventually they will memorize the route creating a "marked trail", the result of body oil and dirt being rubbed against walls or baseboards. A strong flashlight may help you to uncover these rodent markings in the attic or basement.
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