On The Wing – Return Of The Mosquitoes

Spring Mosquito Season Mosquito season is in full swing in many parts of the country. I was just in Louisiana last week and companies there are already out providing mosquito control services. Do you ever wonder where mosquitoes ‘return from’ each season? Some species spend the winter (or cooler months) as adults. They hang out in buildings, animal burrows, under decks or other protected areas. Then, when one of the first warm days of spring arrives (usually above 65 degrees or so), they emerge and look for something, or someone, to bite! Other species overwinter in the egg stage. These eggs hatch almost simultaneously with the spring rains and then 10 days later or so, huge clouds of hungry adult mosquitoes emerge. This particular scenario is especially common in heavily wooded areas, swamps, forest preserves, etc. Mosquito control personnel try to limit this emergence by applying mosquito larvicides, often by fixed wing or rotary aircraft, in the early spring before the adults are produced. And remember that after each blood meal, a female mosquito can lay 150-300 eggs so the populations will build up quickly, regardless of how harsh the winter may have been. Learn more about Captain Stan (aka the Mosquito Man) here: https://catchmaster.com/introducing-captain-stan-the-mosquito-man/
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