Resources to Improve Your Mosquito Service

Resources to Improve Your Mosquito Service

The mosquito business can be tough, fortunately there are resources to improve your mosquito service. As you gear up for the mosquito season, I draw your attention to what are likely untapped resources for your company – professional mosquito control organizations (PMCOs) and mosquito abatement districts (MADs), which are usually funded by various taxes.

Resources to Improve Your Mosquito Service

Mosquito Abatement Districts

The responsibility for public mosquito control in the United States resides in different organizations, depending on state and county policies. It may be the state health department, a county public works facility or other. But what I am specifically referring to here are the MADs. As you might expect, they are more numerous in some states than others; for example, Florida alone has about 60! I strongly urge you to find out if there is a MAD in your areas of operation. If so, give them a call and ask to visit. They are very proud of what they do, and you can learn a great deal from them. One piece of valuable information will be where they treat and DON’T treat = business opportunities for you!

Professional Mosquito Control Organizations

Also, many states have mosquito control associations, and there are also several regional ones that cover several states. In addition, there is the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA), which has around 1,400 members in over 50 countries. See for more information. Membership for you or your company (as a sustaining member) in one or more of these will bring many benefits including access to newsletters, up-to-date information on mosquito control products, tremendous networking opportunities, training events, workshops, annual meetings, etc. If you really want to learn and practice Integrated Mosquito Management, this is a great place to start. If CAPT Stan can facilitate any of this for you, especially the MAD visits, please contact me. I would be happy to provide you with an email introduction. I am standing by to assist. or 551.689.8073. Captain Stan Cope (aka the Mosquito Man) is our Vice President of Technical Services and blogs frequently on mosquitoes. In addition to his social media content you can find his blog archives here:

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