Rodent Trapping Tip - Big Ed's Trapping Tips

In the first installment of our 2019 rodent trapping tip series, Big Ed shares one tip with many benefits for utilizing plastic snap traps like our Easy Set snap traps.

Rodent Trapping Tip - Anchor your snap traps to increase catch rates.

When rodents first interact with newly installed traps they often approach and investigate the device from the back and side. As a result, they may inadvertently avoid the deadly trigger. They often push and slide the trap around while inspecting the new item in their environment. Therefore, setting it off without a capture. Another benefit of anchoring your trap is that it optimizes and directs the force generated by the system to maximize killing power. When a snap trap is triggered, energy can be lost as the device reacts. Focusing this energy allows the trap to dispatch the pest in a quick and humane manner. Rodent Trapping Tip - Easy Set

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