The Best Fly Traps of 2023

The Best Fly Traps of 2023

Keeping mosquitoes, flies, and other flying insects out of the house can prevent irritation as well as bug bites.

For keeping flying pests out, rely on the window fly traps by Catchmaster. These handy and transparent glue traps can be attached to any window, windowsill, or garage door in your home to attract pests before they enter.

For ease of use, these sticky traps are waterproof, disposable, nontoxic, and last for up to a year. Plus, these traps are easy to install: Simply remove the small release liner, place the trap where desired, and then remove the large release liner.

Product Specs

  • Type: Glue
  • Reusability: No
  • Disposal: Throw out when done


  • Very easy to use: Simply stick on a window, windowsill, or garage door
  • Does not draw a lot of attention; transparent construction blends right in
  • Waterproof, nontoxic, and disposable for ease of use and durability


  • Creates more waste than some comparable options

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