Things We Love About Pest Control

Things We Love About Pest Control

Now, more than ever, we have more things to love about pest control. Every industry has something special, something unique. Pest professionals likely never dreamed they would land here and, at the same time, cannot imagine leaving. Pest pros are passionate about what they do and their community. So, what makes the industry so attractive that people don’t want to leave? Here are four things we love about the pest management industry. 

Four things we love about pest control

  • The People –From hard-working technicians to entrepreneurs to some of the largest chemical companies in the world, the folks you encounter in pest management are truly diverse and from every walk of life. It is an extremely hard-working group that makes the experience in this industry worthwhile. Once you are in you truly feel like you are a part of a community. Annual meetings offer great opportunities to rekindle lifelong friendships and learn more from folks of different regions and differing perspectives. People are so often willing to share their experience and knowledge, oftentimes even with their competitors.
  • The Democracy of Design – okay, we are biased on this one because we are creative folks who love the unique logo designs in the industry. Whether one-truck solo operators or larger regional and national chains, the different logos throughout the industry are as varied as the people. There are over 20,000 pest control organizations in the US, each with a design to match. We truly believe in the more the merrier.
  • The Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Industry – The “American Dream” has been realized by so many in the pest management industry:
    • Pest control technicians who rose up the ranks of national firms then grew their wings to launch their own successful regional company
    • Family-owned and operated manufacturing firms spanning over several generations with grandparents and grandchildren working side by side
    • Consultants who later in life take their industry experience and offer it back to the industry.
  • An Essential Industry – Pest professionals are incredibly important to the communities they serve. Professional pest management services protect public health, people’s homes and family and businesses reputations. Perhaps part of the love and draw of this industry is working for the greater good.

Easy to love

As the saying goes, love what you do and you will never work a day in your life. We believe that is why so many people have found success in the pest management industry, as it is an easy career to love. Bobby Kossowicz is a content creator for the Catchmaster brand, learn more here:

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