Why Private Label Marketing Can Help You to Build a Successful Brand in Your Community

Private label marketing is a model where a business creates and sells their own custom-branded products that are manufactured by a third-party supplier. Private label products are not uncommon in the pest management industry, but in the past, the practice was reserved for the largest pest management companies for use around high profile businesses and restaurants. Private labeling has proven to be successful. Noticing private labeled pest control products around local trusted businesses acts like an endorsement of that pest control company by that business. The simple practice of utilizing private labeled products in commercial accounts helps to build their brand name, making it more recognizable in the local area. By placing private labeled products, these businesses are building customer loyalty, as customers are more likely to purchase products and services from a brand that others trust. Catchmaster is making private label marketing available to pest control companies of all sizes. Customization of glue boards, rodent traps and marketing tools, like doorhangers, are now available in order quantities and at prices that make private labeling available to the entire industry. Let's take a look at the key benefits to private label marketing:
  • Increased brand recognition: Placing private label products in local accounts that you service builds your brand in the community. Think of it like free product placement and advertising in local businesses that you service.
  • Promotional giveaways that actually convert business: Do you attend local tradeshows, sponsor local events or purchase branded promotional items like pens, shirts or other items to giveaway to potential customers? Private label pest control products are the ideal promotional tool. Give your potential clients a tool to monitor for pests in their home or business. When that person catches a pest or rodent on the glue trap your company name and contact information will be readily available to them to make that call.
  • Cloverleafing neighborhoods: Do you knock on doors or leave your business card for neighboring homes or businesses after servicing an account? The practice is known as ‘cloverleafing’ a neighborhood and Catchmaster’s private label doorhangers are the ideal tool to help you get the word out. Our doorhangers are more than a marketing piece, they’re a glueboard that every home and business owner will want to put to work to monitor what pests or rodents might be lurking in their home or business. And once a catch is made, your business contact information will be readily available to them on the glue board.
Private label products are the ultimate marketing tool for pest management professionals to increase their profits, build their brand, and create customer loyalty. Expand your marketing this season with Catchmaster’s private labels. Learn more at catchmasterpro.com.
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