Catch Zone™ Pest Boundary Roll


Each roll measures 60’ x 12” and is easily cut, making Catch Zone™ the optimal tool for protecting large, sensitive areas.  Perfect for clean outs and hot spots, Catch Zone™ traps and controls mice and insects and is compatible with attractants and pheromones. Protect large areas in less time with Catchmaster® Catch Zone™.

• Easy to deploy, Catchmaster™ Catch Zone is the quickest way to protect larger areas

Each roll measures 60’ x 12” and is easily cut for optimal placement

Ideal for protecting sensitive areas & product, especially pallets

Perfect for clean outs & hot spots

Traps & controls mice & insects

Compatible with attractants & pheromones

Item # Packed Size
934 6 Rolls per box 60′ x 12″

Product Safety Data Sheet