Pest Maintenance - 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Service Accounts

Pest Maintenance - 6 Things You Can Do Right Now to Service Accounts

Even without access to customers' homes there are steps to maintain pest maintenance. Certainly nothing replaces getting access to a commercial or residential account. However, pest maintenance helps you bridge the gap. Undoubtedly, this shows your customers value once access returns.

6 Pest Maintenance Tips to Service Accounts

  • Provide glue boards to your customers along with instructions on where to place them. Hot spots include kitchen sinks, attached garages or basements. Not only does this help ward off unwanted invaders, you now have a blueprint for how to service once you have access. Pro tip - if you have extra office time get started with private labeling. Here is an article on some of the benefits of private labeling:
  • Conduct a thorough exterior inspection. Let your inspection dictate your schedule to systematically address identified issues either immediately or over time. Even if your customers do not move forward right away it provides a road map for continued service when things eventually return to business as usual. Perform proactive exclusion services. Here is an article that identifies some external hot spots:
  • Consider your exterior trapping options. Use weatherproof snap traps like our 605 Easy Set Snap Traps in bait or trapping stations around the perimeter of homes to head off pests. Additionally, our 611 Dual Action Twin Catch is a great tool to install in sheds and attached garages. The trap heads off both crawling insects & unwanted rodents.

Don't Forget the Mosquitoes!

Pest Maintenance - Fun Facts
Undoubtedly, nothing replaces a thorough inspection as part of your IPM plan. However, even without a thorough internal inspection there are plenty of steps you can take to keep lines of communication open with your customers. Building up goodwill can go a long way once business returns to normal.

Pest Maintenance - Additional Resources

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