National Pest Management Month

National Pest Management Month

April marks National Pest Management Month. The designation highlights the professional pest control industry’s commitment to the protection of public health, property and food from the diseases and dangers posed by pests. Each year is a reason to celebrate pest management but in these extraordinary times we have even more reasons to give thanks.

6 Reasons to Celebrate National Pest Management Month in 2020

  1. Pest management is essential. Especially with Americans spending more time at home the need to protect living spaces is more important than ever. It's no wonder service vehicles continue their routes, undoubtedly the protection they provide is essential for our way of life.
  2. Pest management professionals are tenacious. Even with uncertainties they continue to rise each morning and provide peace of mind in the services they provide.
  3. Pest management is versatile. With the need for disinfecting services clearly on the rise, many pest control organizations have adapted to work this into their service offerings.
  4. Pest control organizations and their employees are generous - as evidenced by donations of personal protection equipment to front line healthcare workers.
  5. Many pest control organizations are local businesses. With over 20,000 organizations nationwide the industry accommodates companies of all sizes. With uncertain economic times ahead it stands to reason that support of local businesses will be important.
  6. Pest management professionals protect the future. As our times change so to will the challenges pests present - like rodents in large cities.
These are just some of the reasons to celebrate the pest management industry during National Pest Management Month. We are proud to salute all of the hard-working individuals that go to work everyday to protect our homes, schools and businesses. Thank you for all you do. And this month we would also like to extend that thank you to the production and shipping team at Catchmaster. They continue to amaze us everyday with their commitment to produce the quality products that pest management professional rely upon. Without a doubt, they do this even in the face of adversity. Thank you! Bobby Kossowicz is a content creator for the Catchmaster brand, learn more here:

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